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Tackle the Unexpected

Photo credit: Maworley

Photo credit: Maworley

This was the headline of a billboard I saw on the highway on my way home from Boston last night. I didn’t catch the company logo but my impression was it must have been for an insurance company. They’re always reminding us how to hedge risk.

I thought about the phrase a lot on the drive home. Tackle.  My brothers and husband played football.  Tackle is generally a defensive approach so it is somewhat reactive.  In thinking about your life and handling both the known and the unknown you may have greater long-term success if you switch to a proactive mode.

This economy has thrown many of us in a bit of a reactive mode.  Whether we are gainfully employed but seeing a slow down in business, or recently unemployed and in search of new opportunities, we’re thinking  “how do I get out of this?”

I recently attended a Holy Cross alumni networking event and our host, Mike Jeans, president of New Directions, talked a lot about long-range planning, resilience, attitude, creativity and passion.

He shared a Top 1o list for handling your search in a recession.  Here are a few that really resonated with me:

You must know yourself, your drivers, values and dreams.  What really matters to you? Can these transfer you to another field, industry or life direction? In hard times, companies are looking for passionate people to carry them through. What are your passions?

Be persistent… people are busy. Make it easy for them to help you. If they don’t return your calls, change the medium (voice mail versus email vs. snail mail). Thank them for their insight and guidance.  It takes time to generate momentum.

In the end (and in the beginning), it’s your attitude that’s most important… you must stay positive and resilient. Enlist your family and close friends to recharge yourself to keep going. You will come through this and will be better for it.

What would you add to the list?