About me

Sarah the blogger

Sarah the blogger

I’m Sarah Montague, a mom, marketer and mountain climber.

This is my personal blog and not affiliated with any employer or client that I may work with (in the interest of full disclosure, I now work for Bright Horizons.)I’m interested in how people become the rock stars of their own lives and careers. How do people find work that they are passionate about? How do people find more meaning in work? How do we manage work/family balance? How do people make successful career changes?

How do people stay steady during times of great change?

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3 responses to “About me

  1. Hi, I love the picture-clearly Jack is excited about his work here! What in interesting and passsionate blog! I think one of the secrets in finding and enjoying work that we love is that same “being present” 3-4 year old immersion in what brings us joy-what will capture our attention and cause us to feel as alive and engaged as we were as children? A great question to ask and answer as we quest for more fulfillment in our career life! Suzanne

  2. Rebecca Sullivan

    Hi, Sarah- You have always been a rock star to me!

    Do you know about Julie Hall’s Mommies Clique?


  3. Darryl Clement

    Hi Sarah – I was watching the BBC news and they have an anchor with the same name so I googled ya and came across your blog. Great to see you are still as cool as ever!

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