Mom, what’s your job?

Imax Hubble 3D courtesy of Warner Brothers and NASA

My son age 4: “Mom what’s your job?”

Me: “You mean my most important job or what I do when I go to work?” Jack: “Your most important job.”

Me: “Well my most important job is that you grow up to be a person that is healthy, kind and respectful of people, animals and the planet.”

Jack: “Oh. So what do you do when you go to work?

Me “Hmm well I help companies and organizations understand how to talk with people.  I notice things and help create change  in order to make things run better and to help people feel more successful.”

Jack: ” Oh, but don’t you want to be an astronaut?”

My son and I share a passion for all things space related. I am old enough to remember the moon walk and my son is curious about science and space and it has reignited a passion I had as a child. It is a fun adventure. And it makes me happy.

If you or a child you know wants to learn more check out NASA’s site and NASA’s kid site.

Photo is from Warner Brothers and NASA’s Hubble 3D Movie. In part of my “day job” I had a chance to interview Astronaut Mike Massimino and you can read more about ithere.

What are you doing to feed your passions?


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