Love the one you’re with.

There have been times when we’ve all felt stuck in a rut in a job and  fairly demotivated. When that happens during a recessionary economy, it can be particularly vexing because we feel we have no where to go.   And the media doesn’t help.  Even Fortune Magazine has a call out on the cover of the December issue “How to Keep Your Job.”

 My personal career philosophy is that you should never run away from a position but rather move towards something more fulfilling. 

First you have to get out of this funk before you do anything. So how do you get unstuck and re-energized?

Here are a few things that have worked for me and colleagues I know:

  • Make a list of what you like and dislike about your current role. What you like tends to play to your strengths so how can you do more of that and less of what you don’t like?


  • Work on your internal networking and connect with your colleagues.  Sometimes when we’re feeling stuck we tend to be very heads down and less social.  Have coffee or lunch with colleagues and find out what they are working on.  Maybe there is a project you can get involved with that will be interesting.  Maybe there is a different role in the organization that will enable you to learn something new.


  • Work on your external networking and learn something new.  What trends in your industry are you observing that you’d like to learn more about?  For instance, I like to learn about emerging marketing trends even if they are not immediately applicable to my current organization.  Several years ago when YouTube launched and more social media platforms began to emerge, I started researching different blogs, listened in on some webinars and talked with different company representatives to learn more.


  •  Assess what else is missing for you and see where you can get that need met without quitting your job.  I need a sense of creativity in my work. Either the culture needs to be creative or the job that I do needs to enable me to apply creativity.  Once I worked in financial services which was not creative enough for me. It was also during a challenging economy so felt I had few options for a shift.  I took a silversmithing class to satisfy the need  and kept my job.


How do you get re-energized?

So do you have the Stephen Stills song now running through your head?


2 responses to “Love the one you’re with.

  1. I can empathize with this. Even during an “up” economy, it can be tough to break the routine of working at an undemanding/unfulfilling job (some of us are creatures of habit ya know). I like your last point about finding an outlet for your passion(s) without quitting your job. If you’re going to “hang in there” for the sake of getting a paycheck, at least find an avocation that you can sink your teeth into. You’ll be amazed at how much this alone can help energize you during your “day job.” Break out of that Intergalactic Space Putty!


  2. Nice ideas- you should be a career counselor. My 2 cents is that it helps to be in a large enough company – or government in my case – where there are opportunities to get out of the rut by taking on new projects.

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