Build a blog? Save your Job?

I found this interesting article  in Adweek, Save Your Career, Start a Blog

The author, Joseph Jaffee, gives his top 10 reasons why it is so important.  
While I  honestly started this blog because I thought it might be kind of fun and give me a creative outlet as I worked on my own job search, I do admit I feel like I have learned so much more about the potential role for social media in an integrated marketing mix. 

Here are Jaffee’s two top points that really resonated with me:

“1. You’ve always wanted to better understand conversational marketing, a.k.a. social media, a.k.a. Web 2.0. Here’s your chance. The only way to understand change is to be a part of it. Your longevity in this business will depend on your ability to have a better grasp of the seismic shifts occurring before your very eyes.

2. Blogging = market research. In my experience, blogging keeps me smart. It forces me to be active within my community. It’s amazing how much you’ll discover by plunging down the rabbit hole of links. Blogging is the new account-planning function.”

So, how about you?   Please take the quick poll below. I’d love to know what you think.






One response to “Build a blog? Save your Job?

  1. I liked the article from, and personally identify with the second half of #3: “…In the game of Cubicle Survivor, there’s no prize for second place.”

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